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About Dornahalli

Dornahalli, known locally as Christian Koppalu has only about 200 years of history. As you walk along the road leading to the Church, on your left side before approaching the rivulet branched out of Cauvery, you can see a cluster of trees on an elevated land. This place was the erstwhile Dornahalli. After the turbulent strike of big famine and plague in the last century this village was abandoned and a new planned village was built at a new site by the efforts of Christian priests.

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On the road from Yelvala of Mysore to K R Nagar at about 25Km away we find a village called Dodde Koppalu. Left of this road falls to Hunsur taluk and the right side belongs to K R Nagara taluk. Take a right turn at this village and go ahead. After a hamlet and a grove you are able to see twin towers of a church at a distance. That is the famous Dornahalli Church located 3 Km away. There is one other Dornahalli in Chitradurga district, but this Dornahalli of Mysore district is dwelt by Christians alone.

Dornahalli is famous for the miracle man St. Anthony. The story of Dornahalli goes back to some 200 years. That day it is said, a peasant of Dornahalli was ploughing his fields with a pair of bullocks. To a surprise, s\omething struck the plough and the farmer stopped his work to look at it. It was a human faced wooden doll. The farmer took it in his hands and closely examined it. Being in the mud for several years, it is surprising that it was not eaten away by the termites. The farmer thought it a wonder. He kept it aside thinking that it could be a toy for his kids and continued his ploughing task. He took the doll with him to his home in the evening and it was used for playing by his innocent kids.

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