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Come to the Miraculous St. Anthony of Dornahalli

Appeal therefore to the Miraculous St. Anthony of Dornahalli:

To find lost treasures, to find employment In your sickness and sufferings,in all your domestic needs: and above all, in your spiritual needs.

Devotees of St. Anthony of Dornahalli, are therefore, requested to send petition to the Rector, St. Anthony’s Shrine, Dornahalli, K.R. Nagar, Mysore Dist. –who will place them in the petition box. We must remember that while our ingratitude and forgetfulness after securing a favor dries up the Saint’s bounty, gratitude will open new streams of favours. Therefore if you receive any favour from Miraculous St. Anthony of Dornahalli,

  1. Glorify him by communicating it to the Parish Priest, who, if you so desire, will publish it, and thus help you to thank the great Saint for his goodness towards you. Speak of it among your friends and thus help to increase the number of Devotees of St. Anthony of Dornahalli.
  2. Fulfill promptly and faithfully whatever promise you have made to the Miraculous St. Anthony of Dornahalli, by addressing your petition whether it be a donation to the Shrine or some charity to the poor in his honour.

For further information, please write to:

Rev. Fr.Thomas Paulus
St. Anthony’s Shrine
Dornahalli P.O. K.R. Nagar,
Mysore Dist, Karnataka State.
Ph    : 08222-210300 ,08223-262236
Mob : 9448309019 , 9632618018

Welcome to St. Anthony’s Shrine Dornahalli !


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